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Police hold press conference on shooting investigation involving Riverside officer – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

RIVERSIDE – Riverside Police are holding a press conference Thursday morning to unveil new details of a shooting involving an officer on Tuesday night where a man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, investigators said.

>>A man from Springfield, 72, robbed, tied up with duct tape; police chase suspect before accident

The press conference will begin at 10 a.m. News Center 7 will be present and will update this story with new developments as they are announced.

Police said on Wednesday the man who exchanged gunfire with an officer died from a self-inflicted injury and not from shots fired by the officer.

Kevlin Wallace, 39, of Springfield, has been identified as the man who died in the incident, Montgomery County Coroner Dr Kent Harshbarger said in a press release on Wednesday.

The incident began as a report of a burglary or home burglary at a house in the 2500 block of Rondowa Avenue just before 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The first officer at the scene, identified as Sgt. James Vance, found a woman pointing fingers at a potential suspect in the burglary, a spokesperson for Riverside Police said in a press release on Wednesday afternoon. Investigators said Vance drew his gun and approached the suspect, later identified as Wallace, when Wallace began shooting Vance, the spokesperson said in the statement.

“The suspect then starts shooting Sgt. Vance who retaliates by trying to ensure the safety of the woman witness. Sgt. Vance exchanges several bullets with the suspect who was shooting him, ”the spokesperson said.

The exchange of gunfire lasts approximately 30 seconds before Wallace fled from the scene to the area of ​​North Pleasant Valley Avenue and Bushnell Avenue. After the gunfire, several officers from surrounding jurisdictions responded to a call for assistance from officers, the spokesperson said.

As police in multiple jurisdictions began searching for Wallace, a second Riverside officer identified as Officer Perfetti reported seeing Wallace behind a house in the 200 block of North Pleasant Valley Avenue.

“Agent Perfetti, while directing the agents to the suspect’s location, hears a single shot and takes cover. This single shot is the only shot reported by an officer, ”the spokesperson said.

Wallace was later found in the garden of the house suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. He was taken to Miami Valley hospital where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

A preliminary autopsy report from the Montgomery County coroner’s office revealed that Wallace died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the spokesperson said. Police did not say whether Wallace was hit by any of the gunfire from Vance, who was the only officer to shoot a gun during the incident.

The police spokesperson said Vance had been a veteran of the department for more than 20 years.

Previously, police said Vance would be put on administrative leave while the incident was investigated. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations was tasked with conducting the investigation.

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.

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Financial Data Exchange Announces New Canadian Director

TORONTO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The Financial data exchange (FDX) announced today that it has hired Jason Chomik to serve as the director of its Canadian operations and to lead members of FDX’s Canadian financial services ecosystem in the development of the FDX API for a use in Canada. Chomik comes to FDX after 25 years in the payments and digital transformation industry and is based in Toronto.

“We are delighted that Jason has accepted this role and look forward to his leadership,” said Kashmera Self, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Emerging Solutions Delivery at Interac and Franklin Garrigues, Vice President of Digital Channel at the Bank. TD, who are co-chairs of the FDX Canada working group. “We very deliberately sought a Canadian director who could navigate Canada’s diverse financial ecosystem and establish close collaboration so that all financial firms in Canada can benefit from common, interoperable and non-proprietary technical standards for public banking. We think Jason is a perfect fit for the role, ”added Self and Garrigues.

FDX has developed technical data sharing standards for use in open banking and financial frameworks that empower consumers to better understand, operate and leverage their own financial data and improve their financial lives. The mission of the FDX Canada Working Group is to develop and adapt FDX’s financial data sharing standards for the Canadian market and to cultivate a culture of collaboration, communication and technical inclusiveness in the Canadian ecosystem of financial services in the development of standards.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to lead the Canadian work on FDX financial technical standards,” said Chomik. “Bringing together diverse players in the Canadian financial industry at one table to collaborate on technical standards and ensure that all voices are heard and represented will be key to the success of developing a technical framework that works for Canadians, ”added Chomik.

In addition to leading the Canadian work of FDX and serving the Canadian members of FDX, Chomik will continue FDX’s work to ensure that all Canadian financial services companies, regardless of size or resources, have the capacity to participate significantly in the development of FDX technical standards. Chomik will also be the principal leader of FDX in its engagement with the entire Canadian financial services ecosystem, Canadian policymakers and regulators, and other Canadian stakeholders.

“I look forward to working with our Canadian members as well as the regulators, policymakers and stakeholders who participated in the Canadian consultations on open banking and consumer-centric finance to ensure that technical standards focused on the market and any future open banking regulations in Canada are able to work together in a transparent manner, ”said Chomik.

FDX seeks to become the preferred Canadian market standard for sharing financial data by providing a market-driven model for technical standards capable of keeping pace with ever-evolving financial innovation. FDX does not engage in lobbying or policy advocacy, but seeks to educate policy makers and stakeholders on FDX technical standards. FDX’s technical standards can adapt and operate alongside any Canadian government policy or regulatory action on open banking and consumer-focused financing.

FDX launched its Canada Task Force in July 2020 with 31 organizations across Canada’s financial services ecosystem, including a wide range of fintech companies, major banks, credit unions, and financial data aggregators. . In the year since the launch of FDX Canada, the number of FDX Canada working group members grew to 60 financial services organizations. FDX recently released version 4.6 of the FDX API which now covers over 620 unique financial data elements that consumers can share and use. FDX the number of current international members exceeds 190 financial companies and 16 million consumer accounts currently use the FDX API for sharing financial data in the United States and Canada.

About the exchange of financial data

Financial Data Exchange, LLC is a non-profit organization operating in the United States and Canada dedicated to unifying the fi nancial industry around a common, interoperable, royalty-free standard for secure and convenient access for consumers and companies to their financial data. FDX empowers users through its commitment to the industry-wide development, growth and adoption of the FDX API, in accordance with the principles of control, access, transparency, traceability and security . Membership is open to financial institutions, fintech companies, financial data aggregators, consumer groups, payments networks, and other industry stakeholders. FDX is an independent subsidiary of FS-ISAC. For more information and to join, visit

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PharMerica Moves to State-of-the-Art Facility in Uniondale, NY to Improve Customer Service

LOUISVILLE, Ky .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – PharMerica today announced that it has recently moved from its Long Beach, NY location to a new state-of-the-art facility in Uniondale to accommodate the continued local growth of the business and to better serve customers in New York State. Region.

PharMerica moved to the new site in April after extensive renovations to meet the needs of the pharmacy service provider. The 58,000 square foot leased facility now includes:

  • A new robotic dispensing system for more precision and efficiency

  • Faster deliveries with closer access to major highways

  • Continuous service with underground utilities that will reduce potential downtime in inclement weather

  • More comfort for customers from a more central location

Approximately 245 employees work in the new Uniondale location, where they serve skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, behavioral health group homes, drug addiction rehab centers, homes for adults, foster families and prisons.

“As PharMerica continues to grow in New York City, this new space is the perfect setting to provide enhanced service and support to our customers,” said Lane Sieman, senior vice president of customer services at PharMerica. “At Uniondale, clients can expect the same exceptional customer experience and the same high quality service from our family of local clinicians they have come to know while having access to key benefits that will ensure them. peace of mind so they can focus on what matters most – helping people live their best lives.

To contact PharMerica’s new Uniondale Pharmacy, please call 516-536-0800.

About PharMerica Corporation

PharMerica is a leading provider of institutional, community and home pharmacy services. The company serves the long-term care, retirement homes, hospitals, home infusions, hospices, behavioral, specialty and oncology pharmacies markets. PharMerica operates more than 160 long-term care, home infusion and specialty pharmacies in 46 states. PharMerica is a client and patient centric organization serving healthcare providers, such as skilled nursing facilities, retirement homes and hospitals, as well as people with behavioral needs, people with need for infusion therapy, the elderly receiving home care and cancer patients. The company provides highly reliable and accurate drug delivery and support services to approximately 350,000 people per day with unmatched service reliability, cost containment solutions, and clinical, regulatory and educational support for its customers and their residents. and patients.

For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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IT News Online – Alphinat reports earnings of $ 105,250 for the quarter ended May 31, 2021

MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2021 / Alphinat Inc. (TSXV: NPA) announces profit of $ 105,250 for the quarter ended May 31, 2021

During the quarter under review, Alphinat concentrated its efforts on the development and expansion of its distribution channels and on the diversification of its offer.

In order to accelerate its future growth, Alphinat has focused on four main areas of developing solutions with our SmartGuide technology:

  1. SmartGuide ® Portal Edition for Dynamics 365 [1] , has optimized the way customers can now build and deploy online services in addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, including grants and contributions solutions for several federal departments and agencies. This offer is available in SaaS mode as well as locally;
  2. SmartGuide® Greenhouse Gas Registry is a green financial technology solution that enables governments and industry to work together to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gases;
  3. SmartGuide ® Municipal Cloud aims to deliver unmatched productivity to municipalities. Municipalities will be able to choose from a catalog of predefined applications. SmartGuide further accelerates the speed at which they can deploy citizen-centric services. These services include service requests, permit and license applications as well as many other digital services and internal applications for citizens;
  4. SmartGuide ® CIVIC Portal for Amanda ™ [2] is a derivative of the Municipal Cloud solution ending in a partner solution for an improved user experience for both client cities and their citizens to be deployed on premises or in a secure cloud offering.

During the quarter under review, the Company sold additional “SmartGuide SaaS” licenses to the Government of Canada through a partner. Alphinat was also tasked at the end of the third quarter to rapidly deliver a SaaS-based class action settlement portal for a provincial justice ministry that went into production in July 2021. The company was also in the final stages of delivering a ‘a business portal solution for a city in the province of Ontario.

For the three-month period ended May 31, 20921, the Company recorded total revenues of $ 495,796,305,278 compared to $ 248,667,449,514 for the same period in 2020 mainly due to a one-time increase in related professional services to a federal department. and Contributions, a provincial greenhouse gas registry solution, a municipal portal for an Ontario city and while support license sales increased slightly due to additional license sales from previous periods.

For the quarter ended May 31, 201921, the net income loss was (18,499) $ 105,251 or $ 0.0017 per share. The net income loss for the period ended May 31, 201920 was $ (53,538) 110,960 or (0.001) $ 0.002 per common share outstanding.

Alphinat’s financial statements and MD&A for the quarter ended May 31, 2021 are available on SEDAR at

About Alphinat

At Alphinat, we are driven by a passion to make app development easy for everyone. It has always struck us as odd that people with insight into the appearance and behavior of a finished application are only involved at the start of the process. After all, what better way to ensure a favorable outcome than to provide those closest to the end users of an application with a vested interest in its success throughout its development?

That’s why we’re bringing you new ways to empower the right people at the right time in the app development process. At the same time, we are constantly working to reduce the need for coding in order to make the development and maintenance of applications simpler and less prone to errors.

So, whether you choose to develop your applications using our low-code SmartGuide® platform, launch your project using one of our predefined applications or contact us or contact one of our partners to get the job done for you, we’re here to help you deploy better apps in record time. Visit for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements contained in this document, including those which express management’s expectations or estimates regarding the future performance of the Company, constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements are, of necessity, based on a number of estimates and assumptions; although management believes they are accurate at the time they are expressed, they are inherently subject to significant business, economic and competitive risks and uncertainties. We inform readers that these forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and other known and unknown factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from future results, performance or achievements. expressed or implied. in these forward-looking statements. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements. These include, without limitation, the Company’s ability to increase market acceptance of its products and enter new markets; the potential existence of defects or undetected problems in the Company’s products; the Company’s ability to manage its growth; the Company’s ability to compete with others; potential commitments; maintain the Company’s intellectual property rights and defend against litigation involving these rights; the Company’s dependence on the knowledge of its key personnel; and the Company’s access to sufficient capital to finance its future needs. This is a partial and not exhaustive list of factors that could influence any of our forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. This opinion applies to all forward-looking statements, whether expressed orally or in writing, attributed to Alphinat or to any person expressing them on behalf of the Company. The Company has no obligation to publicly update these forward-looking statements, whether to reflect new information, future events or other circumstances. The risks and uncertainties weighing on the Company are described in more detail in the Company’s annual report.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Curtis Page
Chief Executive Officer Alphinat inc.
(514) 398-9799 ext 225

– 30 –

[1] Dynamics 365 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

[2] Amanda ™ is a registered trademark of Granicus

THE SOURCE: Alphinat inc.

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Cloud and IT security continue to reshape the business model of MSPs

Managed service providers continue to make a big leap into cloud, security services and recurring revenue.

Datto Holding Corp.’s Global State of the MSP annual report. highlights the main trends related to the MSP business model. The Norwalk, Connecticut company, which provides cloud-based security software and offerings that MSPs sell to customers, surveyed more than 1,800 MSPs around the world.

The survey finds that 97% of MSPs provide cloud-based infrastructure design and management services, a statistic that demonstrates the rapid rise of the cloud among service providers. For comparison, a 2016 survey of TechTarget channel partners found that just over half of those surveyed did not offer cloud services.

The hard core of the MSP, SMEs, seem to play a central role in influencing the cloud orientations of service providers. Almost all MSP customers – 99% – use the cloud to some extent, with 50% of customers moving more than half of their workloads to the cloud, according to the Datto study.

Other studies have highlighted the centrality of cloud computing to the business of distribution partners. Distribution companies responding to an Accenture survey in April identified Microsoft, Google Cloud, and AWS as their top three partners.

The Datto survey, meanwhile, also shows the importance of cybersecurity for the business model of PSMs. Ninety-nine percent of MSPs reported offering managed security services, a figure that compares to 75% in the Datto 2020 report. In recent years, some MSPs have been reluctant to start a consulting practice. in cybersecurity, but attacks on SMEs have drawn them into the business.

The Datto report also reflects the continued focus of MSPs on recurring revenue. Sixty-seven percent of respondents’ total income comes from recurring services. And, unlike in previous years, competition has dethroned sales and marketing as the main MSP challenge. Thirty-four percent of PSMs cite competition as their biggest headache, with revenue growth and profitability ranking second and third, respectively.

ConnectWise Launches Reconciliation, MSP Metrics Offerings

ConnectWise has unveiled a cloud-based billing reconciliation feature and a free version of its business intelligence product BrightGauge.

The Tampa, Fla. Company, which provides business automation software for MSPs, discussed the offerings and shed light on future developments at its IT Nation Explore virtual event, which runs through 12 August.

ConnectWise’s reconciliation feature tackles a time-consuming and error-prone cloud billing process, said Sam Demulling, vice president of product management at ConnectWise. The task involves a lot of manual steps and there isn’t a lot of automation available today, he noted.

Many vendors and distributors provide spreadsheets with data, such as customer name, product number, and quantity, Demulling said. MSPs must reconcile this data with the data they maintain in ConnectWise Manage, a professional services automation product. ConnectWise Manage Billing Reconciliation, however, provides automatic reconciliation of supplier invoices, mapping supplier data to information held in ConnectWise.

ConnectWise Manage Billing Reconciliation will be part of Manage 2021.2, which is currently scheduled to arrive in August. “It’s not something you have to buy,” Demulling told attendees, referring to the reconciliation feature. “It’s just going to be part of the finance menu.”

Additionally, MSPs will soon have access to BrightGauge Essentials, which ConnectWise describes as a lite version of its BI offering. BrightGauge Essentials provides dashboards and reports with financial and operational metrics, the company said. The pre-screened product metrics are for “partners who are just starting to use data to help them run their business,” said Brooke Candelore, product manager at ConnectWise.

ConnectWise is piloting BrightGauge Essentials with a small group of partners, she said. The offer will be free for partners using ConnectWise Manage and will be available in the coming weeks, according to the company.

Jeff Bishop

Other developments of IT Nation Explore include:

  • ConnectWise has entered into a technology partnership with SentinelOne, a standalone cybersecurity platform provider. The company’s SentinelOne Control and Complete offerings will be available as stand-alone products in the ConnectWise security suite.
  • Jeff Bishop, chief product officer at ConnectWise, said the company will start revealing “chunks” of ConnectWise Fusion, a platform that will underpin the company’s 23 products. He said the company will provide additional details on the platform at its IT Nation Connect event, scheduled for November 10-12.
  • ConnectWise plans to integrate additional backup providers into its ConnectWise Recover Complete BDR product. The offer was launched with the integration of Acronis Cyber ​​Protect. Dave LeClair, senior director of product management at ConnectWise, said he expects Veeam, StorageCraft, Axcient and Storage Guardian to be among the vendors integrated into the BDR offering.

Other news

  • MSP software vendor Kaseya obtained a ransomware decryptor and started working with their customers. A ransomware attack earlier this month compromised dozens of Kaseya’s service provider customers and up to 1,500 MSP customers. The attack raised questions of supplier liability within the MSP community.
  • Accenture continued its wave of acquisitions by purchasing Workforce Insight, a Denver-based workforce optimization consultancy. Workforce Insight provides human capital management technology and advisory services. The company is partnering with UKG, Workforce Software and Workday. Its 300 professionals will join Accenture’s Workforce Management practice. Accenture’s acquisitions fuel the company’s cloud strategy.
  • Upstack, a web-based platform that sells cloud services through sales agents, has acquired, a consulting firm advising mid-size businesses on data center and colocation services. New York-based Upstack purchased multiple cloud partners in 2021, following a $ 50 million private equity investment from Berkshire Partners. Cloud service companies have attracted investor money this year.
  • Pax8, a Denver-based cloud distributor, has signed a pact with Qunifi, giving MSPs access to Call2Teams. The Qunifi product connects corporate phone systems and SIP trunk providers to Microsoft Teams.
  • Corel, an Ottawa-based software publisher, updated its partner program with access to the Partner Portal, sales training, transaction registration and presales, technical support and customer support.
  • Addigy, an Apple device management provider, offers Splashtop as a remote assistance offering included with Addigy subscriptions. The pooling arrangement allows MSPs to use Splashtop Remote Access from Addigy to manage Apple devices, according to Addigy.

Executive appointments

  • High Wire Networks Inc. has appointed David Hand as vice president of global systems integrators, a move that aligns with the company’s expansion of its technology services channel to support integrators. He was previously Global Vice President of GSI at Nortel and a Senior Executive at CSC (now DXC Technology).

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3 LAPD officers plead not guilty to lying about gang connections of people they arrested – Daily Breeze

LOS ANGELES – Three Los Angeles Police Department officers pleaded not guilty on Friday to falsifying records claiming the people they arrested were gang members or associates.

Braxton Shaw, 38, Michael Coblentz, 44, and Nicolas Martinez, 37, were each charged just over a year ago with conspiracy to obstruct justice and several counts of filing a false police report and preparing false documentary evidence.

The three – who were then assigned to the Metropolitan Division – are among six LAPD agents who were charged last year with falsifying records.

Shortly after the charges were announced, the LAPD noted that one of the defendants – without specifying which – had been “relieved of duty” in January 2020 when Moore concluded that the officer’s actions constituted “a serious violation of departmental policy ”. The officer was “referred to an administrative court for deportation,” according to the LAPD, which said the other two officers had been assigned to home service.

The LAPD could not be reached for immediate comment on the current employment status of the three, whose next hearing date is set for October 8.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Shaw, Coblentz and Martinez are accused of forging field interview cards used by officers to conduct on-duty interviews and misidentifying dozens of people. as gang members.

Some of the bogus information in the cards was used to falsely enter people into a state gang database, prosecutors said.

In some cases, the three are accused of writing on field interview cards that a person they arrested admitted to being a gang member, even though video from body-worn cameras has showed that the individual had never asked this question. In other cases, defendants are said to have written on field interview cards that an interviewee admitted to being a gang member even though the person denied it.

Shaw could face up to 31 years and eight months in county jail if convicted on 43 counts of preparing false documentary evidence involving field interview cards, as well as eight counts of accusation of false report and one count of conspiracy.

The overt acts included in the conspiracy charge allege that Shaw falsely documented certain people as gang members with gang tattoos and gang nicknames and that he falsely documented a “fictitious person” as a gang member 15 times between March 2018 and January 2019.

Coblentz allegedly falsified seven field maintenance cards. He is charged with seven counts of preparing false documentary evidence, five counts of false reporting and one count of conspiracy, and could face up to seven years and eight months in prison if he is. found guilty.

Martinez – who allegedly forged two field interview cards – is charged with two counts of preparing false documentary evidence and filing a false report and conspiracy count, and could face up to a maximum of four years and four months in prison if convicted, according to the district attorney’s office.

They were released on their own accord shortly after their arrest last July by the LAPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

In a statement posted on Twitter after the arrests were announced, LAPD chief Michel Moore said: “Public trust is the foundation of community policing and these allegations undermine that foundation. The actions of these few tarnish the badge we all wear. The department is committed to continuing this in-depth investigation as part of our efforts to restore the trust of the people we protect and serve. “

The charges against the three stemmed from a “misconduct investigation” conducted by the LAPD’s internal affairs group and monitored by the Office of the Inspector General, according to the department.

Three other LAPD officers who had also worked in the metropolitan division of the LAPD – René Braga, 40, Raul Uribe, 35, and Julio Garcia, 37 – were charged last October with falsifying files. They pleaded not guilty in a March 16 hearing and are due to return to court next week, when a date must be set for a hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to force them to stand trial. .

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GIVE ME A CHANCE! Part II | Gerald Nowotny

Embrace the magic of private placement life insurance (PPLI) and private placement variable annuities (PPVA)

I’m happy to be back from my writing break. In retrospect, I’m not really sure why the interruption was. Author’s block? Not really. There is indeed plenty to write and tell! I have always been a writer. I published my first article in Trust and Estate magazine in 1994, where I published an article on offshore Rabbi Trusts.

Over time, I have developed variations on a theme. Apparently people read the articles and implemented the strategy to the point that the Joint Committee of Taxation referred to the article in their report and implemented a provision in IRC Sec 409A limiting the possibility of use offshore trusts. I never knew! So, the purpose of this series of articles is to make the reader understand that not only do I promote good planning ideas, but that I can implement them for the taxpayer. And of course, no one goes to jail!

One of the first things I learned from my first sales manager at Cigna in 1987 was to ask for the deal. I have historically provided an area for planning ideas while showing how to connect the “dots” without directly the client or the client’s advisor for the business. This series of articles reminds me that I also implement the strategies I write in case there is any confusion about the point.

PPLI and PPVA – Why me?

My path in life insurance and the law is the “road less traveled”. Outside of the military, I worked in the life insurance industry while attending law school in the evenings at the University of Miami. I worked as an assistant agency manager and as a producer. Over time, I obtained the professional designations of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

In 1996, I met a couple who were one of the early pioneers of private placement life insurance. It was my first exhibition. I did independent work for them related to private placement life insurance (PPLI). In 1999, I had the opportunity to work full time in the private placement life insurance industry with MassMutual. I then worked for Marsh in the international portion of PPLI focusing on using these products for planning outside the US. I completed a period of service at Lombard (aka Philadelphia Financial Group) where I focused on private placement group variable deferred annuity contracts for institutional investors and fund managers.

My work during this time paved the way for this market segment to become the company’s biggest business. Later I went into business for myself and as a consultant and producer in the PPLI industry. When I started practicing law full time (circa 2013-20140), I focused on the legal implementation of PPLI strategies both from a tax perspective and from a life insurance product perspective.

In the final analysis, there are few growers or avocados (if any!) In the PPLI industry who have covered all the different dimensions of PPLI and PPVA. Potential high net worth taxpayers will benefit from this experience in a way that a person who has practiced only law cannot offer them. I’m just saying!

PPLI and PPVA – Why now?
In case you have not received the memorandum, taxes of all kinds, income and estates increase at the federal and state level. Everyone would say that raising taxes is a virtual certainty.

Just ask the current administration. I don’t make the rules, but rather how to return the service with sophisticated planning strategies. Your neighbor the insurance agent was right, life insurance is the most beneficial investment structure on the planet – 1) tax-free domestic accumulation; 2) Tax-free investment income; 3) Lifetime tax-exempt withdrawals via loans and withdrawals; 4) Tax-free death benefit; 5) Non-taxable death benefit when held in an irrevocable trust. What does Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) or Variable Private Placement Deferred Annuities (PPVA) add to the equation?

PPLI is a personalized no-fee variable universal life insurance policy that allows the policyholder to customize the investment options within the policy. Imagine customizing the investment platform so that you can transfer low base capital that can accumulate without taxable gain under the policy?

  • Imagine investing in asset classes that normally generate taxable income outside of the contract, but which are not taxable under the contract.
  • Imagine transferring an investment portfolio on a no-gain installment sale basis and including the promissory note in the taxpayer’s estate.
  • PPVAs can provide for tax deferral and serve as a vehicle to avoid taxable unrelated business income (UBTI) in pension plans and IRAs.
  • PPVAs or PPLIs can also be used by foreign investors to avoid the imposition of withholding taxes on businesses and real estate on inbound investments into the United States. Who would have known?
  • Imagine using a custom mutual income fund (FRP) to bring in an asset with partial tax deduction, sale of the asset without capital gains tax, and tax-free life income with the product.

I’ve written over three hundred articles, podcasts, and videos on a variety of planning topics, partly because I’m a student of the game and enjoy it, and partly for business development purposes. Sometimes readers pick up the phone and call, and other times people read and implement the idea. I have worked in and around the life insurance industry for almost thirty-five years. Unlike the typical lawyer who knows the law, I have worked for life insurers and as a broker.

I know the senior management of offshore and domestic PPLI carriers, and they know me. I have implemented many policies as a broker and recommended strategies which resulted in many policies being written. In recent years, I have carried out the legal structuring related to the placement of PPLI and PPVA. If you haven’t considered PPLI or PPVA, please give me a call so we can discuss the benefits of such strategies or let me know the ins and outs of a better strategy. The wisest course of action is to take a chance while you analyze the tax benefits and planning of PPLI.

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The new Youth Council on the Environment and Climate Change commits to the main environmental challenges

OTTAWA, ON, July 21. 2021 / CNW / – Young Canadians are concerned about their future, which is why they are leading the charge to create a healthier planet, with cleaner air, cleaner water and good jobs now and for generations to come. come.

Today, the Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, established from Canada first Youth Council on Environment and Climate Change and launched applications for young people.

The Youth Council will create significant opportunities for dialogue between young Canadians and the federal government on the main challenges of our time: fighting climate change, stemming the rapid loss of biodiversity and better protecting our natural environment. In particular, the inaugural members will commit to from Canada top priorities, including achieving zero net emissions by 2050 and zero plastic waste by 2030. Youth Council members will share ideas, voice concerns and help shape from Canada environmental policy, while gaining invaluable skills and experience to start or advance their careers.

The Youth Council will be made up of ten Canadians between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. Interested Canadians are encouraged to apply before August 18, 2021at 11:59 p.m. PDT, via the link below.


“When it comes to the main challenges of our time – climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution – young people are calling on their governments to rise to the challenge. New Youth Council on Environment and Climate Change will provide great opportunity for young people Canadians must have a say in the development of key environmental policies and plans that will shape their future. I encourage all interested young people to apply and look forward to collaborating with the Youth Council.
– The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Fast facts

  • Members of the Youth Council will serve a two-year volunteer term and will meet every four months. Members can expect to devote approximately five hours per month to Council-related activities.

  • The composition of the Youth Council will aim to reflect the Canadian population in terms of regional representation; gender identity; linguistic, ethnic and cultural diversity; and life experiences.

  • All applicants must identify an organization linked to Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) mandate and / or youth engagement that is willing to support their application by nominating them. An organization is defined as:

  • In 2019, the government of Canada announced its very first youth policy — created for youth, by youth — to help young adults better direct government priorities and actions. This policy aims to raise awareness of the various concerns of young people and ensure that more young people have the chance to participate in federal decision-making. It also respects from Canada different cultures, traditions and values, as well as its diverse indigenous youth voices.

  • Today, Minister Wilkinson also announced the creation of 1,297 jobs for youth in the environment and clean technology sectors through the Horizons Science Youth Internship Program.

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Bikers remembering fallen officers to visit Greensboro

For 84 days this summer, six bikers traveling 22,300 miles across America visit cities and law enforcement departments to honor the men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty.

On Friday, the runners will arrive in Greensboro.

“Not only do they honor the dead, but they also honor families – husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters – as well as the officers left behind to pick up the pieces,” says a press release from the department. from the Guilford County Sheriff promoting the event.

The End of Watch Ride to Remember group is made up of bikers from Washington State who escort a trailer across the country to honor the fallen officers of the previous year.

The “Beyond the Call of Duty – End of Watch Ride to Remember” arrives in Guilford County on Friday July 23 at 8 am. They will be in the parking lot at 502 W. Washington Street in Greensboro in honor of the late Guilford. Rouse County Deputy Sheriff and Master Corporal Daye Jr.

Ride to Remember spokesperson and founder Jagrut Shah is a former deputy sheriff who started the ride to let law enforcement and the families of the fallen police know that they are not alone.

“I wanted to bridge this gap that we have and bring back to the department and let the officers and their families know that their loss has not been forgotten,” Shah said in the press release.

The name of the event comes from the term “End of Watch Call” – a ceremony in which a police dispatcher makes a final call to a deceased officer over the radio, followed by silence. All officers in this department hear the call and remain silent to remember the dead.

In 2020, the End of Watch race honored nearly 150 fallen officers killed in the line of duty.

Anyone who wants to learn more about hiking and see all the cities to visit this year can visit

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Avii announces Accounting Experience ManagementTM at the AICPA Engage 2021 conference, July 26-29 in Las Vegas

The management of the accounting experience is rooted in creating and validating the experiences of clients, practitioners and managers. It is vital for success in advancing the digital frontier.

LAS VEGAS, July 21, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Special for AICPA Engage 2021– Avii ™ (, a leading provider of accounting software applications and automation tools, today announced its vision for managing the accounting experience ™ for clients, practitioners and managers. Avii is leading the way by enabling businesses to extensively connect more of their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences across Avii’s platform as well as third-party applications.

Engage 2021 attendees can discuss this vision with Avii at Enter stand 424 in the ARIA Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas July 26-29.

While the concept of experience management is prevalent in many industries, the concept of creating economic value and benefits by managing the way participants “feel, feel, think, act, and relate” to our brands of products and services has been largely absent from the field of accounting, until now.

Avii is driving this paradigm shift by anchoring accounting experience management in creating and validating much better experiences for clients, practitioners, and managers. High added-value and high-value-added relationships in accounting may start with anecdotal validation, but must evolve into data-driven validation to stay at the forefront of accounting’s rapidly evolving digital frontier.

For Avii, experience management influences the success and effectiveness of clients, practitioners and managers in the following ways:

  • Customer experience – Customers want a better digital experience. Avii transforms the portal experience for clients, practitioners and managers into a single, secure portal (with your branding) where they exchange all information, documents and conversations. Avii believes accounting portals should function more like secure portals for banks, credit cards, and healthcare. Your business determines the type and depth of live data and updates to present through the portal to keep your customers informed and moving forward.

  • The practitioner’s experience – Accountants work with too many systems and solutions, but Avii improves their experience by fixing the clutter of the 30+ disconnected silos of a typical business. Avii provides you with powerful accounting applications that help you automate your actionable data to and from your favorite third-party applications to create more robust and automated workflows. This enables your business to have connected data that drives business processes while improving the experiences of your most critical stakeholders.

  • The manager’s experience – This new high bar of unified data optimizes the automation of live workflows, dashboards and actionable data analysis to improve policies, approaches and resulting experiences. Avii gives you resource management with advanced workflows – you can click on any visual element in an Avii workflow and assign up to dozens of automated functions and tasks. You can now connect, condense, and advance the workflows of third-party Avii and non-Avii applications.

“Overall, we know change is an ‘eternal’ state in the tech accounting world,” said Lyle Ball, co-founder and CEO of Avii. “Managing change is vital, but it’s more than what you do. It’s the way you do it, and the way it is perceived, experienced and measured by all stakeholders. Knowing this, our vision is to help businesses improve their management of the accounting experience by enabling them to own, connect and automate more of their data. “

About Avii

Avii provides leading accounting firms, including Big 4, with a broad suite of software applications and automation tools to optimize interactions with their actionable data from third-party applications. In 2021, Avii defined the management of the accounting experienceMT as being anchored in the creation and validation of the experiences of clients, practitioners and managers.

Avii architecture, API and SaaS hubMT The strategy enables businesses to expansively connect more of their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences across Avii’s platform as well as third-party applications. For more information on the Avii workspaceMT platform, visit

Avii, Avii Workspace, the Avii logo, SaaS Hub, Accounting Experience Management, Audit Experience Management, and Tax Experience Management are trademarks or registered trademarks of Avii and may not be used without permission.

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