4 Simple Automations to Improve PR Agency Productivity

It’s fair to say that PR is slightly further behind the technological curve than some of its more nimble cousins ​​that you’ll find in the various areas of digital marketing.

While digital marketers automate and measure their output as much as possible, PR pros often focus more on nurturing relationships and brainstorming pitch concepts.

However, there are a lot of tedious and repetitive administrative tasks within a typical PR agency that can be easily automated, giving you more time to focus on what really adds value.

And we’ve taken this approach within our agency, identifying each manual process and then determining how it can be partially or completely automated. Or at the very least identify where we can add smart functionality that makes everyone’s life a little easier. Here’s a look at some of those automations that have had the most impact.

Outreach Email Accounts

While I’m sure many agencies discovered the usefulness of Slack a long time ago, what was a game-changer for our team’s productivity was the integrations available with this platform.

The most useful and convenient of all the integrations we’ve implemented is with our proximity email accounts. Each of our customers has a separate outreach email address, and responses we receive in each of these mailboxes are automatically forwarded to the relevant customer channel in Slack.

This allows everyone on the team to have a real-time view of all journalist responses from all clients, in one place and without ever having to log into an email account.

Slack and Quora

Another useful Slack integration has been Reddit and Quora. Part of our workflow is to keep tabs on all posts mentioning our customers so we can help manage the narrative. Setting up triggers that send alerts to the relevant customer Slack channel whenever a customer’s name is mentioned means we can manage all of our monitoring in Slack and not have to juggle other platforms. or tools.

Automatic win alerts

Another thing that would take a lot of the team’s time was researching published customer earnings online, so that was another area we wanted to improve. Therefore, we created a Slack app that connected Google News alerts to a dedicated Slack channel. By setting up instant Google alerts for each of our client’s brands, we were able to create a real-time feed in Slack that posted an alert whenever a new article was posted.

The data for each alert contains the customer name, post name, article title, and article link. By having every client services member in the automatic wins channel, everyone has a view of every win the agency achieves, which has helped break down silos and improve information sharing and ideation between the different teams.

Google Data Studio

This is going to be superfluous for agencies that run all of their outreach data through a CRM such as Salesforce, but for those that collect and store data from a number of different sources, such as sheets and platforms email outreach, then it’s a great tool.

We have created a number of custom dashboards, both for our internal agency management and for client use. We have automated data inputs from many sources, to provide us with a funnel view of all outreach actions, from sends, opens, clicks and responses, to pending wins and published wins.

It helped us take a much more performance marketing approach to campaign management, analyzing what worked and what didn’t, and drawing evidence-based conclusions.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the automations we have implemented. Our thought process has always been about first identifying the problem and then working back to find the solution. Avoid the temptation to set up integrations that may look neat, but offer little day-to-day utility.

Finally, since we focused on developing automations within our workflows, we found that Slack had evolved from a messaging app to a centralized portal for many agency functions, notifications, and alerts. . This has been great as it does not require any additional training or expense.

Stephen Marcinuk is co-founder of Smart Relationshipsan AI-powered PR platform that combines advanced analytics with a PR agency service, providing clients with complete transparency and oversight of the PR process


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