Active duty military and veterans enjoy free access to national parks

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US military and veterans can take advantage of this benefit.

Key points

  • Entrance fees to national parks and land can be expensive.
  • US military, veterans, and Gold Star families can access these lands at no additional cost with a special pass.

If you’re an active duty military member or veteran, don’t miss the valuable discounts and gifts available to you as a thank you for your service. Gifts and offers can help you keep more money in your bank account.

For outdoor adventurers, visiting our nation’s parks and public lands can be a fun way to spend an afternoon or weekend.

While most visitors must pay a daily entry fee or invest in an annual pass, active military and veterans can enter most national parks and lands for free.

All you need is the right pass – and it’s available every year.

Introducing the Annual Interagency Military Pass

The Interagency Annual Military Pass is available to current U.S. military personnel, veterans, dependents, and Gold Star families.

Passes are free at sites that issue passes, including federal parks and recreation sites. Passes can also be obtained online through the USGS store, but a $10 processing fee applies. Plan to bring documents to show that you qualify for the pass.

The annual interagency military pass covers entrance fees to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sites and National Park Service sites.

Additionally, the pass covers standard amenity fees at Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sites.

If you visit parks and lands with family or friends, they can also enjoy free admission:

  • The pass holder and any accompanying passenger in a private, non-commercial vehicle may enter sites that charge a fee per vehicle for free.
  • At sites that charge a per person fee, the pass holder and up to three additional adults are admitted free of charge.

Veterans and Gold Star families will soon be able to get a lifetime pass

While the annual interagency military pass is available every year, a lifetime pass will soon be made available to veterans and Gold Star families, thanks to legislation passed and signed in late 2021.

This Lifetime Pass includes the same entry and convenience benefits as the Annual Military Interagency Pass and will be available later in 2022.

Once lifetime passes are available, veterans and Gold Star families won’t have to worry about renewing their passes every year.

Don’t Ignore Other Money-Saving Discounts

Active duty military, veterans and their families can also take advantage of other savings offers. Life is expensive, so every cashback adds up and can help you reach your personal financial goals faster.

Here are some other offers not to be missed:

  • Apple: A 10% discount is available to current and veteran members of the U.S. Army, National Guard, and Reserves and immediate family members residing in the same household.
  • Costco: Current, retired, and veteran military members can get a $20 Costco digital gift card when they become a new Costco member.
  • Home deposit: Get 10% off qualifying purchases (save up to $400 per year), available to active duty military, veterans and their spouses.
  • The north face: A 10% discount is available for active US military, reservists, veterans and retirees.
  • Verizon: Current military and veterans can save up to $25/month on unlimited Verizon Wireless phone plans.

While these are just a few sample offers, there are many other brands that offer savings to US military and veterans. Be sure to ask if a discount is available before rushing to swipe your credit card at the checkout line.

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