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Members of the Business Innovation Leaders Forum to access and share constantly evolving ideas, solutions, experiences and strategies

SAN JOSE, California, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Business Innovation Leaders Forum is a global community of independent business leaders who actively explore innovative business transformation technologies and solutions to propel their businesses forward. The Forum was launched today with the appointment of a truly international founding council comprising:

  • Dr. Ron layton who brings extensive experience in cybersecurity and future security needs of the financial sector.

  • Teacher. Martin curley, a leader in technological innovation known for having led pioneering advances in the field of international health (and created the paradigm of Open Innovation 2.0).

  • Bill Burns, a leader in business innovation advancing the application of data analytics and automation in the retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, health, public and others.

  • Kevin deierling, entrepreneur and holder of several patents, at the forefront of the application of AI for businesses.

  • Ramesh Marimuthu, accomplished business leader in the areas of strategic management, design thinking and rapid prototyping solutions. Currently holds over a dozen US patents.

  • Saqib Chaudhry, award-winning leader in digital transformation in telecommunications, energy, nuclear, law enforcement, finance, healthcare and the public in North America, Middle East & Europe.

  • Marc Parr has a solid track record of delivering IT systems – from military command and control networks to risk management, cybersecurity, information assurance and digital transformation.

  • Mark Fox, President, known for his ability to initiate creative collaborations of various interests to stimulate technological and commercial innovation.

“Despite being strongly connected, society and businesses have never been so fragmented,” says Mark Fox. “What we need is a new kind of collaborative experience, rich in content, communications and networking across the world. More importantly, this forum also provides a platform for CIOs to inform and influence the future development of digital transformation solutions that better meet the needs of forward-looking businesses. “

Members will be progressive, like-minded executives, industry peers, and thought leaders who are eager to share the challenges, experiences and transformational solutions of the business. They are looking for better ways to manage and adapt to new realities in a changing social, business and political landscape. Members can recommend and contribute to industry peers they believe could benefit and contribute to the growing community. Considering the long-term potential of the Forum, there is no membership fee for the first six months.

All members benefit from access to timely advice and ideas. They can take advantage of new opportunities to interact and meet like-minded executives, analysts, technologists, business visionaries and thought leaders. The goal is to facilitate easy and productive discussion in a comfortable format – free from the pressures of today’s fragmented and noisy communication environment.

“I am delighted to join the Founding Council,” says Dr. Ron layton. “The Business Innovation Leaders’ Forum offers a new way to communicate effectively with industry peers. Today we face global challenges, and this demands a spirit of collaboration that is broader, even greater than the sum of its parts.

According to Ramesh Marimuthu: “We foresee a fertile ecosystem, where members benefit from the experience, shared wisdom and insights of this exclusive, impartial and independent community of business leaders. The Forum serves as a breeding ground for innovation – to drive growth, shape the industry conversation and channel the global business narrative. “

In addition to the Founding Council, leading experts – from academia, research organizations, financial services, banks and intergovernmental organizations – are invited to be “ambassadors” and special advisers to the direction of the forum. Some of those already on board include: research analysts Brad Casemore, IDC, Tam Dell‘Oro, Dell’Oro Group and Erin dunne Vertical Systems Group, providing insightful market trend data and forecasts; innovation spotter / investor Hiro Rio Maeda, DNX Ventures; Nalanie Harelela Chellaram, Spiritual Science Advisor, Balancing Work and Life Skills; as well as additional experts.

Mark Fox, President of the Business Innovation Leaders’ Forum, is known for more than 20 years of experience in bringing together business leaders to foster dynamic and successful projects in the technological field. Its initiatives have already played a decisive role in the implementation of many of the most important business communication innovations of today, notably – new generations and applications for Ethernet; software defined network; Cloud Computing as well as advocating for industry adoption of AI in networking and cybersecurity. These and other once radical concepts are now taken for granted as essential to business success.

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