BCM Group adds Hog’s Breath Café to its client list

BCM Group has added restaurant chain The Hog’s Breath Cafe to its client list.

After a lengthy pitch process, the integrated creative and marketing services agency will lead all group marketing with the goal of driving brand rejuvenation and business growth across the national restaurant chain.

The company plans to expand its current count of 38 restaurants over the next 12 months.

Partner and Managing Director of the BCM Group phil mcdonald said, “It’s a huge vote of confidence from Hog’s Breath to be named to their outsourced marketing team.

“Our full service, creative and media model allows us to step in and deliver real value from day one. On top of that, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to help rejuvenate a classic Australian brand with new creative thinking.

As part of the agency’s scope, BCM Group will provide sales promotion, product development, media, creative and digital management to support renewed interest in growth, as well as a full range of marketing and business consulting services.

Phil McDonald, Partner and Managing Director of BCM Group

CEO of Hog’s Breath Australia Steven Spurgin said: “We are very pleased to partner with BCM Group and start a new chapter for the Hog’s Breath brand, as we continue to grow and open new restaurants.

“We are very proud of the experience and products we offer our loyal customers, and we look forward to welcoming even more Australians to a Hog’s Breath café.”

Earlier this year, McDonald spoke with Media week on BCM’s continued growth, overcoming the pandemic and the agency’s outlook for the coming year.

McDonald’s shared that BCM has an exciting year ahead with business picking up in the Sydney market.

“We have a small office in Sydney; what’s happening now is that we’re realizing that to serve some of those Sydney-based customers, we’re going to have to have more of a foothold in the Sydney market, which is great. It will therefore be our objective this year to continue to penetrate the Sydney market. This is a priority for us,” he said.

McDonald’s also noted that growing their acquired media and public relations businesses and integrating them into our media operations is another priority for the agency in the coming year.

“Customers are just discovering that if the brand is gaining its own media, it’s a fantastic opportunity for them to use it first and then look to invest the media behind that momentum that media can create.”

“The idea of ​​PR and media working closely together is a huge opportunity for us, which we are focusing on going forward this year,” he added.

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