Black Friday is coming soon. Here’s how to get the best deals now


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Usually, Black friday – the day after Thanksgiving – kicks off the holiday gift shopping season. (Here are the latest ad analysis for several retailers.) But holiday shipping delays and silicon in progress shortage of chips which is linked to the COVID-19 pandemic means you had better start your holiday shopping as soon as possible this year. It would be a shame if your gifts did not arrive until after the end of your winter vacation.

With the chip shortage and shipping delays, some much sought-after gifts – like the Playstation 5 – should be even harder to find this year.

We also hear that the deals may not be as spectacular as they have in years past, so we don’t anticipate that you will lose many opportunities by buying now rather than waiting. And again, a gift in hand is worth two stuck in the mail. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

We will tell you how to save on all the products you want before Black Friday. We’ll also show you how to get discounts on some of the latest Apple products and other gear with trade-ins and other offers. For current deals now, we’ve rounded up the best at Walmart, Best buy, Target and Amazon.

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Black Friday sales have already started, but some are better than others

Retailers have already started sales weeks before Black Friday. Target’s offerings start Nov. 21, with discounts on kitchen appliances, smart home products, and electronics. Amazon already has a ton of Black Friday deals listed on its homepage, from streaming sticks to games.

Walmart has a slew of products on sale right now, with more savings coming November 22. And Best Buy also launched its first Black Friday sale.

But beware, some sales can be repetitive. You’ll see the same price drops over and over again, with many products reverting to previous lows they sold days or weeks before. And pay attention to “fake sales“who are trying to convince you to think you are getting a discount when instead you are getting the retail price. If you come across a bogus promotion this holiday season, it is best to alert the Federal Trade Commission.

Look for price match guarantees

Price equalization guarantees are the best way to make sure you’re getting a good deal. For example, Best Buy guarantees Black Friday prices on TVs, headphones, and other products. But there is a catch. The warranty is only valid for Best Buy Totaltech or members of My Best Buy. Subscribers who purchase an item marked Black Friday Prizes Guaranteed will automatically receive a refund or the difference if the price drops. But members must be logged in during purchase to get Best Buy’s Black Friday Guarantee.

Other big retailers, like Target and Walmart, have year-round price match guarantees to adjust the price if you find a better deal elsewhere. But keep in mind that the price match may only be for certain stores and not work for online retailers.

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How Black Friday Is Very Different This Year


Consider Retailer Membership Services

Some game consoles and phones will be more difficult to obtain this year due to the shortage of chips that experts predict will not improve until 2023. supply chain bottlenecks means fewer game consoles, phones, and other electronics will be available as the holiday season approaches.

Many retailers who receive shipments of these products are giving their subscribers the first shot, such as customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime. Customers who sign up will have the first choice of hard-to-obtain electronic devices, such as the PS5 or the Xbox x series. But if you are in no rush to get the latest and greatest, you might be more likely to find a step-down model, like the Xbox s series or the Non OLED Nintendo Switch, for less.

Walmart Plus and GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro are two subscription services that take advantage of product releases, discounts, and free shipping for their subscribers. Keep in mind that some subscriptions, like Walmart and Amazon, require a paid subscription for the benefits.

Trade-in of your device can also save money

If you are looking for a good deal on the latest iPhone 13, iPad Where Apple Watch Series 7, exchanging your old one can save you money. At present, Verizon offers $ 200 off the latest Apple Watch when you trade in for an older model that is in good working order. That means you might be able to get the newer model for half the starting retail price.

But there’s a catch: you’ll probably have to commit to a two-year contract. You can also get one in retail stores, but the deal may not be as good.

Another savings hack is to check warehouse club memberships for deals on Apple and Samsung devices. Sometimes you can get lucky with additional accessories and services when you buy a new iPad before the holidays.

There are other savings you can make at the end of the Black Friday sale. Best Buy has a The business of the day all year round to give you a special offer for one day only. Amazon Prime Members can also check Flash offers (renamed “Epic Deals” for the holidays) to get limited time deals on items and free one or two day shipping for Prime members.

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