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ROCK HILL, SC – Almost a month after the arrest of two brothers in Rock Hill sparked townwide protests and led to the firing of a police officer, one of the men filed a complaint.

Justin Bamberg, Travis Price’s lawyer, has filed a lawsuit against the town of Rock Hill and US Representative Ralph Norman.

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At a press conference two weeks ago, the notary’s office released two body camera videos of the arrests of Ricky and Travis Price.


City officials previously said police investigating drugs on June 23 arrested one of the men after making an illegal turn, and the man called his brother to tell him he had been stopped at a gas station. Police said the driver tried to run away when officers removed his handcuffs so that he could remove jewelry, and his brother hit officers and refused to back up on orders.

However, attorney Kevin Brackett later said an investigation and review of body camera images showed Constable Jonathan Moreno confronted Travis Price, who was standing near the officers to receive the jewelry, and the pushed and eventually forced to the ground as other agents tried to get Moreno’s attention.

Past coverage:

Rock Hill Police Chief Chris Watts said Moreno violated department policy by making matters worse and was fired. Moreno is also charged with assault and third degree bodily harm for his interactions with Travis Price during the arrest.

Travis Price’s charge of obstructing police has since been dropped. He told reporters that the incident robbed him of his dignity.

“I accept (Officer Moreno’s) apologies as a man, because everyone makes mistakes, but I’ll never be the same again,” said Travis Price.

The arrests and the viral video led to protests outside the Rock Hill Police Department and more than a dozen arrests in the days that followed.

Travis Price’s attorney released the following statement regarding the lawsuit on Monday:

“Today we filed a lawsuit against the town of Rock Hill for its role in the horrific events that unfolded on June 23 against an innocent man, Travis Price.

“Aside from bogus arrests and malicious prosecutions, the town of Rock Hill, through its police department, has done everything in its power to ruin the reputation of a hardworking father of two without a record. judiciary simply to protect its own interests. following protests across the city.

“By issuing a press release to the media riddled with lies and falsehoods about what happened with Mr. Price on June 23, the Rock Hill Police Department has changed his life in a devastating way. These false statements were reiterated at a press conference on June 24. Although there were several officers at the scene who knew exactly what had happened before disgraced former officer Jonathan Moreno attacked Mr. Price, and despite the fact that the police chief and the mayor from Rock Hill watched the video from the police corps cameras, they did not say or do anything to remedy the situation. These government actors are accomplices of an innocent man who suffered public humiliation and spent 36 hours in prison.

“When Rock Hill Police Chief Watts had the opportunity to take responsibility for the lies told by his service at a press conference, he even refused to acknowledge the press release that the town said. had deliberately sent to the media for public release.

“This is a textbook case of defamation. Travis Price is filing this action today in an effort to ensure that no other innocent person sees his reputation tarnished by a police department so that he can protect the illegal actions of his agents.

“We will dig deep into the discovery and determine who wrote this press release, where the author got the information that formed the basis for the press release and who ultimately approved it.

“As law enforcement across the country strives to rebuild trust with those they have sworn to protect and serve, the Rock Hill Police Department has pushed back those efforts for many years with this ill-conceived plan. to destroy the good reputation of a law-abiding citizen to protect an agent who broke the law.

We must do better.

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