California Realtors Partners with Landlord Portal

Milestonesthe all-in-one homeowner portal that helps consumers buy, move, sell and manage their home, partners with the California Association of Realtors (CAR) The Association will launch Milestones as a benefit for its more than 217,000 members. The launch follows a Series A investment car made in Milestones, which closed earlier this year.

Milestones offers a homeownership portal similar to consumer offerings for healthcare, personal finance, and education management. Milestones monitors your home’s value, helps to search for homes for sale, and even manages the sales process. Milestones customer portals are available to California consumers free of charge.

“This new member benefit is being launched at an opportune time,” CAR President Otto Catrina said in a statement. “Milestones meets some key strategic goals of our association, including investing in new technologies that enhance a deeper advisory relationship between our members and owners,” says Catrina.

Through Milestones, members will be able to invite clients to online homeownership centers to manage home maintenance, view home value, monitor home sales in their area, search for property and even identify mortgage refinance or HELOC options.

The most important benefit for consumers is having the support of their real estate advisors in managing homeownership between transactions. “Running a home is complicated,” Dustin Gray, Founder and CEO of Milestones, said in a statement. “The average home has over 150 systems that need to be maintained, and consumers need help organizing it all. Gutters need to be cleaned, water filters replaced, concrete sealed, dryer vents cleaned, etc. Milestones has checklists for all of this, with DIY videos or access to professionals who will do it for you,” says Gray.

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