Calling Public Members of the Community Liaison Committee (CLC)

Algoma Steel Inc. is recruiting two members from the Algoma area who are interested in serving as a public member on the Algoma Steel Community Liaison Committee (CLC).

The CLC serves as a forum for the dissemination, review and exchange of information relating to the environmental impact of the facility. In order to ensure that the objectives of the CLC are achieved, the Society will provide the necessary information to members on an ongoing basis.

The CLC provides an opportunity for quarterly consultation between Algoma Steel Inc. and key community stakeholders, as outlined in the Terms of Reference, available for viewing at

To be considered for appointment as a committee member, an individual must demonstrate all of the following qualifications to the satisfaction of Algoma Steel Inc.:

  • Be a resident and/or business owner in the Algoma area, and
  • Be able to attend at least four meetings per year during business hours.

Interested individuals can apply for the committee by submitting a letter outlining their background and why they want to serve on the committee. Letters should be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on June 30, 2022 and addressed to:

Post Fred
Algoma Steel Inc.
Manager – Environmental Control
Email: [email protected]

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