Davies steps down as director of operations for the Conveyancing Association


He will not stand as a director at the group’s annual general meeting on October 21, after being first appointed to this position in 2015.

The organization says that since taking office, its legal practice membership has jumped 50%, while the number of affiliate members has more than doubled.

He adds, “Lloyd has played a key role over the years in helping the Conveyancing Association provide leadership and best practice advice to its members, as well as guiding the strategy and policy of the Conveyancing Association, as well. than other board members of policy and strategy. “

Davies is retiring from his volunteer role to focus on personal, business and charitable commitments.

He is the founder and CEO of Convey Law and the Conveyancing Academy and chairman of the Conveyancing Foundation, which raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

The Non-Executive Chairman of the Conveyancing Association, Nicky Heathcote, said: Lloyd has been central to the growth of the Conveyancing Association, not only in terms of increasing our membership base, both members of the practice legal and affiliates, but also with regard to the high esteem that the association is now owned and the influence it holds.

“His work in a practical leadership role as he helped members of the Conveyancing Association weather the pandemic in 2020 has been inspiring and very important to our members during a time of real crisis. “

Davis adds, “My family is of the utmost importance to me and always has been. After my son Maxwell passed away three years ago, the charity we created on his behalf – the Mindstep Foundation – continues to grow stronger.

“In association with the Charity Lotto initiatives of The Conveyancing Foundation and ‘Be Kind We Care’ my time has been stretched in recent years so I felt that the time had come to step down from my role as volunteer director with of AC.

“Our training company, the Conveyancing Academy, as well as our Convey365 IT case management companies are now booming and so I didn’t want to compromise my leadership while promoting the wonderful transfer of ownership products that we have. will be offering in the years to come. “

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