Eclipse Foundation Joins Bosch, Microsoft, And Other Industry Leaders To Create Open Source Software-Defined Vehicle Working Group


Open source leader actively recruiting interested companies to develop a new independent working group of suppliers, focused on building next generation vehicles based on open source

BRUSSELS, Belgium, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Eclipse Foundation, one of the world’s largest open source foundations, as well as several industry leaders including Bosch, Microsoft and others, today announced an open invitation to technology leaders to help define a new group of software-defined vehicle-specific work. The ultimate goal will be the creation of a vendor independent open source ecosystem with a vibrant and contributing community focused on building the foundation for a new era in automotive software development. This announcement serves as a “call to action” for all interested parties to join this initiative and help shape the future of mobility.

Today, next-generation vehicle developers are turning to software solutions for their new designs. The Eclipse Foundation believes this will lead to an open source revolution that will result in software-defined vehicles. Software-defined vehicles will allow automakers as well as automotive OEMs to place software at the very center of vehicle development, with hardware considerations to follow.

“We are very happy to develop this new effort here at the Eclipse Foundation. Although we have deep roots in the automotive community, a project of this scale and scale has never been attempted before, ”said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “This initiative allows participants to step into the field and ensure that they each have an equal voice in this project.

To achieve this significant change in the design process, this new working group will lay the foundation for an open ecosystem for deploying, configuring and monitoring vehicle software in a secure and secure manner. Vehicle manufacturers around the world can use this foundation to focus on customer differentiation features, such as mobility services and end-user experience improvements, while saving time and money. money on non-differentiating things, such as operating systems, middleware or communication protocols.

To support the transformation to software-defined vehicles, key players in the technology industry as well as the automotive industry are encouraged to collaboratively develop an open source embedded application execution stack, vehicle operations based on the cloud as well as highly integrated development toolchains. The ultimate goal of the Open Source Software Defined Vehicles initiative is to evolve in-vehicle software across vehicle models, product lines, brands, organizations and time.

The Eclipse Foundation and its decades of experience managing the governance of complex technology initiatives and multi-vendor organizations make it the ideal organization to help run such a business. His commitment to transparency, vendor neutrality and a shared voice will ensure that all participants have the opportunity to shape the future of the working group.

To learn more about involvement in the Eclipse Foundation’s Software-Defined Vehicle initiative, please visit us at, or email us at [email protected]

Quotes from members

“This Eclipse Foundation software-defined vehicle collaboration will be an important factor in influencing next-generation software-defined vehicle architectures,” said Grant Courville, vice president of product management and strategy at BlackBerry QNX . “BlackBerry QNX has a long history of adopting industry standards and we continue to work closely with our customers and partners to help define and activate future automotive architectures. As a founding member, for 20 years BlackBerry has been at the forefront of the Eclipse Foundation’s relentless quest to help spur developer innovation and we are thrilled to be a part of this new initiative to accelerate development. future defined by automotive software. “

“Technological, organizational and cultural innovations are paving the way for the software-defined vehicle. The use of open source software and technological neutrality are the pillars of a strong community to actively shape the transformation of automotive software engineering with our customers and partners ”, said Sven Kappel, vice president – project manager Software defined vehicle at Bosch. “For Bosch, collaboration between sectors is essential to realize the software-defined vehicle. Together with the Eclipse Foundation and other participants, we are driving this change and look forward to welcoming new contributors to the initiative. “

EPAM systems
“The automotive industry is going through a period of rapid transformation, with the next generation of vehicles transitioning to software-defined vehicles,” said Alex Agizim, CTO, Automotive & Embedded Systems, EPAM. “EPAM is proud to bring its expertise in on-board engineering and digital orchestration to this industry’s first initiative for vehicles defined by open source software. In partnership with Bosch, Microsoft, The Eclipse Foundation and more, this collaboration will help usher in the new era of automotive development. “

“The software-defined vehicle will play a key role in the future of mobility,” said Christoph Hartung, Chairman and Chairman of the Board of ETAS. “The explosive increase in complexity can only be contained by working closely together as we are doing in this initiative. “

“With digital technologies opening up the future of accessible, sustainable and safe transport experiences, mobility service providers are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves through software innovation,” said Ulrich Homann, vice president of the company and distinguished architect, Microsoft. “By standardizing the development, deployment and management of software-defined vehicles through collaboration in the open source space, companies can deliver tailored mobility solutions to their customers faster and can focus on innovation.

Red Hat
“Since our inception, Red Hat has clearly seen and advocated open source collaboration as a force multiplier for software quality and value,” said Francis Chow, vice president, In-Vehicle Operating System, Red Hat. “We are excited to collaborate on software-defined vehicles built with an open source backbone alongside other member organizations of the Eclipse Software-Defined Vehicle initiative. “

“The definition and development of the software-defined vehicle will transform the automotive industry, enabling manufacturers to truly address the concerns and rapidly evolving issues that the market is experiencing today,” said Thomas Di Giacomo, Chief Technology Officer and SUSE products. “For nearly 30 years, SUSE has been a trusted partner supporting critical systems and workloads in some of the most challenging and critical industries, including the automotive industry. We look forward to bringing our experience and open source technologies out of the box to help advance the automotive software industry.

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