Former “Big Brother” arrested for armed robbery


Zvi Portal, a former competitor of the Israeli version of Big Brother, was arrested for armed robbery, The time of Israel reports. The reality TV ex is accused of robbing a post office in Rishon Lezion at gunpoint, fleeing with thousands of shekels. Portal was on the show’s fourth season, which aired in 2012.

He was arrested and arrested last Thursday. His pre-trial detention was extended for another four days the next day. According to Middle East in 24, Portal was presented to court for a hearing on Tuesday to determine whether the police may have had the wrong man.

Portal denies being involved in the crimes. His lawyer, Binyamin Ben Natan, argued that his client is a financially stable man who responsibly pays alimony and child support through wire transfers – meaning Portal would not be able to do wire transfers. if he was in possession of illegal money. . “Whoever steals money does not transfer by wire transfer,” he said, according to the outlet.

“He’s a 44-year-old guy, completely normative, absent from any criminal record, a father devoted to a minor, working in a neat job in a respectable place, making a decent living,” said his lawyer, summing up the hearing. . He argued that the evidence filed against his client was circumstantial and therefore Portal should be released.

The judge in charge of the case estimated that “there is a reasonable suspicion linking the suspect to the acts attributed to him”, adding that he will remain in police custody for three additional days.

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