Israeli policemen attacked in Kafr Kassem

Israeli police officers were attacked in Kafr Kassem by members of the city’s internal security forces on Thursday evening after entering the city during an arrest operation.

Two police officers were slightly injured in the incident after attempting to enter City Hall following reports of a violent incident in the building.

While trying to access the room, the police were approached by members of the city’s internal security group, known as Al-Hirasa, which is part of the Islamic Movement. The incident quickly turned violent, according to reports, and officers were kicked, beaten and suffocated, as seen in a video of the incident which was later shared on social media.

According to Walla, the Al-Hirasa are well known to the Israeli police force and have been described as “a kind of internal police or security force in Kafr Kassem… some are former criminals. Volunteers dress in civilian clothes and travel in private. In the past, they also functioned as a kind of indecent police.

The two policemen were slightly injured in the attack and, along with one other person, received medical attention at the scene.

View of the Arab-Israeli town of Kfar Kassem, near Tel Aviv. July 02, 2013. (credit: MOSHE SHAI / FLASH90)

Over the weekend, two suspects were arrested using police photographic documents, which were not made available to the public. The two suspects were Asslam Taha, 38, and Hamada Assi, 24.

The men were arrested on suspicion of assault while arrested, assaulting a police officer, joint assault to prevent arrest, and aggravated assault.

Speaking about the events in Kafr Kassam, Police Chief Kobi Shabtai said that “violence against the police, like the events in Kafr Kassem, will not be on the agenda. everyone who attended the event. We will provide them with all the means and forces that will be necessary.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also released a statement on Saturday evening condemning the incident.

“I support the police officers who were violently attacked in Kafr Kassem”, we can read. “The violence in Arab society has reached an unbearable point, we will fight it with all our might.

“I expect Arab society, which calls on the state to intervene, to give the police all its support and support. We will reach out to the attackers and bring them to justice.”

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