Jeenie raises $9.3 million for an on-demand medical interpretation platform

Jeenie raises $9.3 million for an on-demand medical interpretation platform

What you should know:

– Jeenie, an industry-transforming virtual interpreting platform that connects clinicians and patients to live interpreters on demand, raises $9.3M in Series A funding led by Transformation Capital.

– Jeenie is a virtual interpreting platform that connects users to a video or audio call with live qualified interpreters in over 300 languages ​​for on-demand, 24/7 language assistance. Jeenie performers can be accessed through the Jeenie platform from any smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as through third-party integrations.

Eliminating Language Barriers Across U.S. Health Care

Language barriers in health care in the United States are a leading cause of inequitable access to quality care, a disparity exacerbated by the post-Covid transition to telehealth. One in five people in the United States speak a language other than English, resulting in hundreds of thousands of daily conversations between caregivers and their patients, where language mismatch risks poor treatment outcomes and legal ramifications . A limited number of English-speaking and deaf patients suffer disproportionately from adverse events during care, as well as higher rates of hospitalization and morbidity due to misdiagnosis and mistreatment resulting from language barriers. Healthcare providers face ever-increasing risks of malpractice, with 55% of cases resulting from miscommunication.

Experienced medical interpreters at your fingertips

Jeenie is an on-demand, user-friendly and scalable platform that meets the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small clinics to large healthcare systems. Caregivers open the app on their mobile device or computer, select the patient’s language, and press a button to start a video or audio call with an interpreter.

Caregivers can:

– Get help 24/7 in over 300 languages, on-demand or scheduled, including American Sign Language, rare and native languages

– Connect to a medically qualified, HIPAA-trained interpreter in less than 30 seconds over video or audio, with no call centers, carriers, or connection barriers

– Use the app on any device and operating system, in any situation, from the ER to a patient’s room to a home visit

– Evaluate interpreters after each session, ensuring constant and immediate quality control

– Integrate interpretation into telehealth platforms, call center operations and video conferencing services


Jeenie is available for download on any mobile or tablet device in the App Store or Google Play Store, and on desktop through the Jeenie Customer Portal.

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