KYCP Wins Best Customer Lifecycle Management Solution Award

Last month, Kristoff Zammit Ciantar – CEO of Aqubix, Ivan Bonello – CTO of Aqubix, Nickii Mallia – Business Development Manager of Aqubix, Ian Mizzi – Executive Director of Mizzi Organization and Nicky Camilleri – Chief Financial Officer of Mizzi Organization attended the 10and WealthBriefing European Awards 2022 annual gala dinner in London.

During the event, KYC Portal joined the ranks of an elite global group and received the honor of winning the award for Best Customer Lifecycle Management Solution, alongside winners from Barclays Private Bank, Citibank UK Limited, HSBC Private Banking and BNP Paribas Wealth. Management, to name a few. The full list of winners can be viewed at:

Showcasing the best from the European region, the awards were designed to recognize outstanding organizations grouped by specialty and geography that the prestigious panel of independent judges judged to have “demonstrated innovation and excellence over the past year. “.

Each of these categories is hotly contested and goes through a rigorous process before the final winner is selected by the judges. It is this process that makes the WealthBriefing awards so popular among winners.

Entrants around the world recognize that winning awards is especially important during these difficult times, as it reassures customers of the strength and sustainability of the winner’s business and operating model.

ClearView Financial Media CEO and WealthBriefing Publisher Stephen Harris was the first to congratulate all of the winners. He said: “The organizations and individuals who have won these awards are all worthy winners and I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the winners and to those who have put so much work into each winning submission.

These awards were independently and expertly judged solely on the basis of entrants’ submissions and their response to a number of specific questions, which were answered with a focus on customer experience rather than purely performance metrics. quantitative. This is a unique and, I believe, compelling feature. These awards recognize the best operators in European wealth management, with ‘independence’, ‘integrity’ and ‘genuine insight’ as the watchwords of the judging process – so that the awards truly reflect excellence in European wealth. »

Upon receiving the award, it was announced that the judges noted that the winner claims to be the most advanced and fully dynamic, real-time, risk-driven, and end-to-end customer lifecycle management solution. on the market, developed specifically to help organizations stay compliant, was well supported by evidence provided by its well-developed submission. A very worthy winner!

KYCP is the most advanced and fully dynamic, real-time, risk-based and comprehensive end-to-end customer lifecycle management solution on the market, developed specifically to help organizations stay compliant with all regulatory changes , above the competition , while being in full control with exposure to risk reduced to a minimum.

The integration module within the KYC portal is called the Customer Awareness Tool, an integrated module that is an integral part of the product and allows external subjects to be able to integrate themselves. The importance of integrating this module into the KYC portal is essential because the data that the system presents to the end user is maintained dynamically by the organization itself. Based on the data that the customer fills in during the first step (forms), the system is in real time calculate the perceived risk. What Risk dynamically changes the requirements in subsequent steps, allowing the subject to upload their own documents and complete any questionnaires, based on the enhanced due diligence process defined in KYCP.

The KYC portal allows the compliance team to streamline and define within the system everything that has to do with the ongoing side of KYC and due diligence alerting your teams when something needs to be resolved rather than having a team of employees who are constantly on the lookout for such events. Based on KYCP’s fully dynamic configuration engine, which is in the hands of your compliance teams to update and adjust accordingly, it allows you to define your subject-level review process based on risk, define documentary requirements also based on the Enhanced Due Diligence process, integrates with third-party screening services for constant daily alerts on changed risk levels of subjects, and calculates risk in real time on all data fed.

With a system like KYC Portal, the work that is usually done on the date of the respective application review is spread over the lifetime of the subject based on what needs to happen and when.

“We are proud to have created the first fully integrated CLM solution for the due diligence function of any company in any jurisdiction. The KYC portal offers a complete lifecycle from the very first stages of onboarding counterpart while automating the complete continuous aspect of This seamless combination provides many benefits to our customers as it gives them full control of both sides of the journey, leading to a lifecycle tailored to process requirements, but also to a system that adapts the journey based on the real-time data captured at this stage of the lifecycle,” added Zammit Ciantar, Founder and CEO of the KYC Portal.

Aqubix is ​​an experienced IT consultancy and solutions provider with a clear goal: it aims to provide the best customer service and has earned a reputation for offering a flexible approach with years of experience in business analysis and… ‘technical architecture. Aqubix has introduced a number of innovative products to the market; however, their flagship product is KYC Portal (KYCP). Based in Malta and a sister company in London, the company is now part of Mizzi Organisation, one of Malta’s largest business groups which acquired 50% in early 2016 as part of its growth strategy .

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