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According to the latest campaign finance reports filed with the Michigan Secretary of State, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel raised $1.8 million and spent $389,382 between January 1, 2021 and April 20, 2022. Nessel is currently ranked fourth in state-level donations for the 2022 election cycle.

Nessel is a member of the Democratic Party and took office in 2019. In Michigan, the attorney general is an elected office. The primary job of a state attorney general is to serve as the chief legal adviser to the agencies and legislative bodies that make up his state’s government, in addition to the citizens residing in the state. Nessel is a candidate for re-election in 2022.

Campaign finance activity reported by Nessel, by quarter (2017-2021)

Source: Transparency United States

Contributions to Nessel

Of the $1.89 million already reported in the 2022 election cycle, 13.7% came from the top 10 donors.

Main donors to Nessel (01/01/2021 – 20/04/2022)

Rank Total amount Donor name Donor type
1. $71,500.00 Daga PAC Federal ENTITY
2. $35,000.00 Michigan PAC Education Association ENTITY
3. $29,000.00 Inspire Michigan ENTITY
4. $20,000.00 American Federation of State and County Employees ENTITY
5. $20,000.00 Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan PAC ENTITY
6. $20,000.00 Michigan PAC Carpenters Regional Council ENTITY
seven. $15,000.00 Michigan State PAC Beer and Wine Wholesalers ENTITY
8. $15,000.00 Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus ENTITY
9. $14,300.00 Wendy and Paul Greeney INDIVIDUAL
ten. $12,500.00 Miller Canfield CAP ENTITY

Expenditure by Nessel

Nessel reported expenses of $389,382, with 90.3% for the top 10 recipients. “Recipients” are entities or individuals listed as recipients of campaign spending, and may include vendors, campaign accounts, and transfers.

Main expenses by Nessel (01/01/2021 – 20/04/2022)

Rank Total amount Beneficiary’s name Type of beneficiary
1. $70,500.00 A2 Policy advice ENTITY
2. $60,000.00 Skdknickerbocker LLC ENTITY
3. $51,426.15 Dykema Gossett SARL ENTITY
4. $49,747.96 Kimberly Bush Koleszar INDIVIDUAL
5. $30,000.00 Left Rising LLC ENTITY
6. $30,000.00 Two Rivers Public Affairs ENTITY
seven. $23,867.53 Vantiv LLC ENTITY
8. $22,715.76 act blue ENTITY
9. $7,500.00 Strother Nuckels Strategies ENTITY
ten. $6,000.00 Democratic State Central Committee ENTITY

How donations to Nessel compare to the same office in other states

Contributions vary greatly between office holders in the same role. A number of factors, including whether the position is appointed or elected, can influence donor activity. Here’s how Nessel’s donations compare to 10 other attorneys general with campaign finance data available from Transparency USA in 2022:

In the United States, 27 attorneys general are members of the Republican Party and 23 are members of the Democratic Party. Voters elect the attorney general in 43 states, while they are chosen by a state government body in the other seven. In 2022, 30 States are hold elections for location.

The above data is based on campaign finance reports that active Michigan PACs have submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State. Transparency USA publishes campaign finance data after major reporting deadlines. State or federal law may require registrants to submit additional reports.

Report name Report due date
2022 Annual/January 01/31/2022
April 2022 (PAC) 04/25/2022
July 2022 (PAC) 07/25/2022
Post-Primary 2022 01/09/2022
Pre-General 2022 28/10/2023

This article is a joint publication of Ballot and Transparency United Stateswho work together to provide campaign finance information for state-level elections. Learn more about our work here.

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