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Smoketown Blues will bring Southern-style barbecue to downtown Valparaiso.

The restaurant with “a fiery passion for distinctive ingredients, freshly trimmed meats and lively experiences” will open Tuesday at 66 W. Lincolnway in downtown Valparaiso.

Dinner will follow soon.

The barbecue will serve slow and slow smoked meats over apple, walnut, pecan and cherry woods sourced from the southern United States. It makes its own barbecue sauces in-house, such as Cherry Chipotle, Honey Habanero, Georgia Peach, and Tennessee Whiskey.

It specializes in artisanal barbecue with “a thin outer rind and inner smoke ring revealing tender meat within” that is made with “signature blends of smoke, dry rubs and sauces”.

The menu includes ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. It also offers barbecue sandwiches like The Drunken Philly, with breast smothered in Tennessee Whiskey sauce, and The Yard Bird, which tops shredded, slow-cooked chicken breast with smoked gouda, sliced ​​tomatoes, pickles. crisps and chipotle ancho. It is served in an artisanal bianco roll.

Sides include Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ Beans, Coleslaw, Tater Salad, Mac and Cheese and Cactus Brisket. If you’re saving space, there are desserts from Valparaiso’s Belle Estanni Bake Shoppe.

The restaurant will be open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

For more information, email [email protected], visit smoketownblues.com, or call 219-242-8114.

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