The FFA ends another memorable year


June. There is no other better month in my book. Growing up, I discovered that one of the best times in June, being Dairy Month, was always having an excuse to enjoy more ice cream than usual.

It was also the best because for most of my life it marked the start of summer vacation. For farmers, it’s time to go and work in the fields to make sure the corn is “knee deep by July 4th,” as my grandfather would say. For many families, it’s time to hit the farms to enjoy the countless dairy breakfasts across the state. And for the FFA this year, it’s time to prepare for the state convention.

In a few days, thousands of FFA members and supporters will be heading to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison to celebrate the legacy left, honor 92 years of tradition, and be enthusiastic about the future of our organization and our agriculture.

Another aspect of the convention wraps up this year and passes the torch to a new group of people who will continue to lead and develop this organization as FFA officers for the coming year, which means my time serving members of the Wisconsin FFA is coming to an end.

Thinking back to the last two years of my life as a state officer, I just couldn’t start with more than a thank you on behalf of the entire organization. It is through the support of farmers in communities across the state and nation that organizations like FFA can continue to provide the next generation of agricultural leaders who will change the world.

After traveling over 40,000 miles in countless communities to meet new members, listen to alumni remember the glory days and see firsthand the impact of FFA, I realized that there are more than people to thank for their time that I never could have. conceived.

The efforts of FFA members and farmers every day to improve the industry we all love are unlike any other. And because of this, I can say that the farming community understands the power and responsibility that we each have to help each other.

Helping others is not a new concept for our organization, but perhaps it has been particularly capitalized on over the past year with the endless service projects being implemented in all of our communities. I have witnessed the collective effort of members who have come together to continue to build their communities in difficult times for many.

Looking back on these accomplishments, I could not be prouder to have served last year because I have seen that the members of the Wisconsin FFA are some of the strongest and hardest working people this organization has ever. encountered.

While this past year may have been a daunting prospect for Sections, members have instead chosen to adapt and continue to make changes in their community. This same adaptability will now continue with the members in their future careers. This adaptability will be one of the most important skills to have in the 21st century.

My time as an FFA State Officer may be coming to an end, but the memories of that experience will never be forgotten. In closing, it is with confidence that I say that the future of agriculture has never been brighter. Thank you for believing in the FFA, but above all, thank you for believing in the agricultural industry.

Wisconsin State FFA President Joe Schlies

Schies is the chairman of the Wisconsin FFA agent team

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