Vaibhav Gupta of Desicrypto catches the fraudulent activities of Harshit Aggarwal and Varsha Gupta under the company.

The young founder of DesiCrypto, which became India’s first guerrilla marketing agency for cryptocurrency, warned people against the fraudulent activities of these two.

Among the tons of talented beings that the world notices with every passing day in their professional and personal lives, there are a few who spare no effort and in every way possible go beyond the limits to become their best. versions. This is how businesses, companies, platforms, brands, etc. are built on the vision and insight of real professionals and entrepreneurs. Vaibhav Gupta is one of them as the founder of DesiCrypto, which is known as India’s first guerrilla marketing agency for cryptocurrency. However, this time it made more headlines, as it called out two individuals in particular who attempted to hinder DesiCrypto’s prestige and presence through their fraudulent activities.

“Beware of any fraudulent activity carried out by Harshit Aggarwal and Varsha Gupta on behalf of DesiCrypto,” says Vaibhav Gupta. He further adds that Varsha Gupta ( ) was the marketing manager of DesiCrypto from April 2021 to December 2021 and Harshit Aggarwal ( ) was also employed by DesiCrypto as a marketing manager for around the same time. However, it was later noticed how Varsha, who was given the responsibility of dividing the task between the team, gave confidential information about the company, and she was also added to the client groups, qu she misused and disclosed to Harshit who was planning to launch similar services. They went ahead silently launching similar services by leaking their database and proposal, even copying it verbatim.

Now the DesiCrypto team has learned how they silently poached their customers and also used the DesiCrypto brand name for their own benefits while extracting money from innocent customers. This all happened in silence and was recently spotted by Vaibhav Gupta, founder of DesiCrypto.

Vaibhav Gupta is shocked beyond words and also heartbroken as he was the one who brought these people into the industry, trusted them and gave them work. The DesiCrypto team will soon be taking legal action against the duo.

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