Vancouver lash studio accused of withholding client against his will

A popular Vancouver lash studio is at the center of a mysterious viral TikTok video.

A TikTok account called @badbusinessbureau posted two videos last week where they call out Mira’s Eyelashes for not allowing them to leave.

Studio lash, meanwhile, said the videos were manipulated and that posting them just as the company is up for sale appears to be an intentional attack.

In the first video, which has over a million views, the anonymous TikTok user wrote that she was harassed from the moment she showed up on her date. When she decided she wasn’t comfortable getting a lash lift, she wanted to leave.


Vancouver girlfriends, pay attention! I was hassled from the moment I walked into my appointment and decided I didn’t feel comfortable getting a lash lift from this owner so I wanted to leave. She wouldn’t let me go. #vancouver #lashlift #badbusiness #hostage #vancouvergirls #yvr #britishcolumbia

♬ original sound – badbusinessbureau

“[The lash technician] felt she was entitled to a cancellation fee, but I was a same day booking, and it’s not like I didn’t show up. They harassed me as soon as I arrived,” the user added in the comments section.

In a second video, the user films two eyelash technicians, explaining that they do not feel comfortable receiving a service.


For all the people in the comments saying I didn’t pay for the service…there you go. I didn’t even get the service. [censored for the other client’s privacy] #vancouver #badbusiness @badbusinessbureau

♬ original sound – badbusinessbureau

As for the company, they say they received hundreds of supportive comments after the videos went viral. Mira’s Eyelashes told Daily Hive that these videos are manipulated, and although they were recently released, the incident happened on January 20, 2022.

“As a semi-retired couple, we cannot defend ourselves in this anonymous media,” the business owners said.

The subject of the video was reportedly 25 minutes late for their date, did not apologize for the delay, and her phone camera was turned on as soon as she entered the studio.

“I explained to her that according to our cancellation policy, I could charge her (credit card) and not serve her, because I had to reschedule my next two customers, but I’m ready to serve her, because that’s her first time with us.”

“Later I realized she was filming and understood why she was holding her phone with her camera pointed at me.”

“Our business is for sale because we want to retire and guess someone is doing this whole cyberattack…to drive the price down?” the company told Daily Hive.

“Why is someone trying to ruin Vancouver’s most reputable lash studio by posting edited and manipulated videos seven months later? My husband, our fantastic staff and I have worked so hard since January 2012 to have this reputation.

Prior to TikToks’ release, the company had a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Google. In the comments on TikTok, many users jumped in support of Mira’s eyelashes.

“Mira is literally the sweetest woman, wish there was more context to this,” one user wrote. “Everyone vouches for the owner idk 🤷🏻‍♀️seems there is more to the story if this is a 5 star property ⭐️and everyone says so,” wrote another.

Daily Hive has contacted the TikTok poster for more information.

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